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In view of the decision of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to throw open the presidential ticket, a presidential aspirant of the party, Ike Ibe has expressed his disagreement, insisting that it should be narrowed down to the south east, The Sun reports. 

Addressing newsmen in Owerri, the Imo State capital on Tuesday while declaring his intention to vie for the office of the president, Ibe, a former speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly and governorship aspirant argued that the party’s decision does not ensure unity and wide view of the citizens of the country. 

“I am curious about what the party wants to achieve or how this decision can ensure unity of the party and by extension the nation.” 

PDP, he added has the unique opportunity of halting the national collapse and drift been witnessed in the country, but expressed worry that scheming and undercurrents in the party might deny it the opportunity of healing the nation. 

“PDP has the opportunity of taking the steps to begin the real healing process of the past destruction of the fabric of Nigeria. The recent announcement by the PDP NEC throwing open the purchase of presidential nomination forms to every section of the country is indeed very unsettling. 

“It is even more intriguing that the party set up a zoning committee that is expected to submit its report well after aspirants from all parts of the country would have bought forms and submitted. This is just like placing the cart before the horse. It is unfortunate that our nation is bedeviled in gross disunity and leaders pander more to nepotism and that is why the level of leadership distrust is so high at the national level. 

Speaking on his priorities he said “My potential presidency will generally be a broad-based presidency where no region will be oppressed or left behind the cutting-edge development, we will bring to our country to make her compete effectively with the rest of the civilized world. Our people deserve the best leaders and not the worst. With every hand on deck, we will get it right.” 

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