About us

NN News Media, a digital news outlet based in Timisoara, made its debut on October 20, 2019. We provide in-depth coverage of crucial issues in Nigeria and Africa, as well as significant global socio-political events, all while championing the cause of independent journalism.

The origin story of NN News Media is deeply rooted in the pioneering efforts of Lucy Ugwu, an activist and scholar of Psychology and Cognitive Science, among others. In 2019, driven by her desire for social transformation, she set out to create the Nkiruka Nistoran website, originally envisioned as a social media blog. With unwavering commitment and ingenuity, Ugwu successfully metamorphosed this platform into NN News Media, signifying a crucial turning point in its development.

The path has been both challenging and rewarding, driving us into a new era of expansion and influence. At NN News Media, our primary objective is to provide a dependable and trustworthy media platform where a variety of voices can express their viewpoints on the crucial events that shape our shared reality.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive online space that encourages the free exchange of news, opinions, and insights, without unnecessary restrictions or censorship, while maintaining a commitment to rational discourse and journalistic ethics.

In line with this vision, NN News Media strives to democratize access to accurate and verified information. Our audience extends beyond the African continent to include African expatriates, students, and professionals living abroad.

Furthermore, we are passionate about supporting and promoting emerging talents in journalism and blogging. We aim to facilitate collaborations between these aspiring individuals and established industry professionals, thereby creating a dynamic ecosystem for knowledge sharing and storytelling.


NN News Media

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