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Groups and individuals in Enugu are sharply divided over which zone should produce the next governor of the state.

Some leaders of Enugu West senatorial district, under the auspices of Ife-Emelumma and stakeholders christened, Enugu Rescue Group (ERG), yesterday, bickered over whether there was zoning arrangement in the state or not.

In separate press conferences in Enugu, the Ife-Emelumma Enugu West and a former national auditor of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ray Nnaji, said Ike Ekweremadu lied and misinformed the public, by claiming there was no zoning agreement in the governorship of the state.

But the ERG faulted the Ife-Emelumma Enugu West, over its claim of an existing governorship zoning arrangement in the state, accusing it of peddling of falsehood.

Leader of the Ife-Emelumma group, Ben-Collins Ndu, insisted there was an agreement signed by PDP caucus on July 7, 2013, at the Government House, Enugu.

He sais former deputy Senate president participated in the meeting presided by the then governor, Sullivan Chime, and wondered why he claimed there was no zoning.

Brandishing unverified document containing minutes of the meeting which was signed by about 50 persons, including Ekweremadu, Ndu said: “It’s a PDP affair, and I am pained that the person making all these trouble, heating up the system is a PDP member who has benefitted immensely from the party.

“Ekweremadu is speaking from both sides of his mouth. But all of us are brothers, I know at the end of the day, he will play along. He’s a team player. You can’t be part of a decision, then after, you change.”

He further said the people of the zone clearly stated their position that the 2023 governorship was the turn of Enugu East senatorial district, at the Awgu rally, last year.

Nnaji also faulted Ekweremadu’s claim that he was the campaign manager of Chimaroke Nnamani in 1999, when Nnamani ran for the governorship of the state.

He disclosed Nnamani’s campaign manager in 1998 was the present chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Enugu State, Ugochukwu Agballah.

Nnaji further threatened that if the PDP fails to apply zoning (precisely to Enugu East) in the 2023 governorship election, he will approach the court to enforce zoning application, stating that Section 7 sub section 3(c) of the PDP constitution, 2007 as amended, makes zoning compulsory in the party.

“Everybody must not sit down to take decision, but now that the governorship has gone round, it has to continue clockwise. He is afraid that by the time Enugu East finishes eight years, he may not be relevant again and that’s why he wants to rock the boat,” Nnaji said.

He wondered why the PDP has delayed to make pronouncement on the issue of zoning in the state, noting that such pronouncement would make everybody fall in line other than the ongoing discordant tunes.

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