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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, Kassim Afegbua, has asked supporters of former vice president Atiku Abubakar for the 2023 presidency to back a southern candidate for justice, equity, and fairness.

Afegbua, a close confidant of the former vice president, who was on the Atiku campaign train in 2019, noted that by 2023, the North would have completed its eight years turn and that justice demands that the next president should come from the South.

He said rather than join the contest for the PDP presidential ticket, Atiku should back a candidate from the South.

“As supporters, take the message to town that this is the turn of the South, for political balancing and equity. We should be bold to say so without equivocation. We should decently and politely tell our 2019 candidate, Atiku, to support the quest for a southern candidate,” he said.

Afegbus said he is not deterred by the backlash of name-callings he has been receiving from the Atiku camp and urged them to put national interest over personal gains and interests.

“I am aware some of you, supporters of Atiku, for pecuniary interest, have been told to let loose your fangs on me. Your name-calling and insults strengthen my resolve as my eyes remain focused on the ball. My political binoculars are not picking the image of Atiku for the 2023 presidential contest. “It is time to call it quit. Leaders must always be conscious and cautious of their exit strategy. It should not always be about self-interest, but more about interest, common to all. “Within the PDP family, it should show cause for justice, equity, and fairness, rather than be blinded by stomach infrastructure to deny the South its own opportunity,” he said.

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