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An Igbo pressure group, Movement for the Actualization of Nigerian president of Igbo Extraction, an arm of South East Protection and Restoration Organization, has appealed to non-South East indigenes aspiring for the office of the president in 2023 to rescind their ambitions for the sake of justice and equity. 

Speaking during a press conference in Lagos, the organization’s president, Joe Nwokedi, said Nigeria has suffered series of disunity, mutual suspicion, Un patriotism and many other ethno-religious crises which were caused by unjust, inequitable and unfair distribution of power and wealth. 

He said this has in great measure, retarded the anticipated collective growth and success of Nigeria as a nation. 

According to him, it is quite obvious that after the civil war which ended with the slogan, “no victor, no vanquished,” Nigerians were yet to welcome the Igbo into the scheme of things, adding that this is not in the best interest of the country. 

He said an opportunity has been presented for the people of Nigeria to remedy the marginalization of Igbo in the 2023 presidential election. 

Nwokedi said an Igbo president would heal every wound and reconstruct every misconceived mindset of the people, especially the Igbo and the global community. 

He said such would also throw up unprecedented growth and development in Nigeria as every Nigerian would now become a stakeholder in the nation building. 

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