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President General, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Prof George Obiozor has explained why it is imperative for a man of Igbo extraction to be elected President of Nigeria in 2023.

Obizor, who noted that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) does not speak for the Igbo, asserted, however, that agitations by IPOB and other groups were caused by accumulated anger over the several years of marginalization suffered by the South-East and Ndigbo. He said 2023 is the turn of the Igbo of South East Nigeria to become President of the country in the spirit of justice, equity and fairness.

Speaking on the recent call by IPOB for the Igbo to shun meat from cattle reared by Fulani herders, Obiozor explained that the group consists majorly of youths and that does not make it the mouthpiece of the Igbo.   

He also said the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) with a penchant for issuing threats against the Igbo was suffering from youthful exuberance and could not also be speaking for their people.

“We understand their anger and the anger of many youths across the country. However, the truth of the matter is that they are not mandated to speak for Ndigbo. And the Northern group that is making the statement; it’s unfortunate because we don’t respond when their youths out of youthful exuberance make certain comments like they made before that Igbo must leave the North. The idea that some responsible groups in the North can take the position they have means it is predetermined.

“So, for me and for Ndigbo, the statement has been made a long time ago that Ndigbo are not at war with Nigeria. Ndigbo are not separatists. Ndigbo are not secessionists. Wherever you are in this country, you will see an Igbo man struggling with the rest of Nigerians to build a nation. So, this is what counts. What Igbo are talking about is not about cattle, eating beef or not; who visits us or who doesn’t visit us. We have more serious things to discuss. This is another point that we should clearly state for the public to know that in all sincerity that Igbo do not speak like IPOB. IPOB is an organization of young men whose leader is facing some major problem.  And it is erroneous to think that they speak for Ndigbo. So, don’t think that when they began their sit-at-home and other pronouncements, prohibiting movements that if people obey it, we are all IPOB. No, theirs is a case of fear factor,” Obiozor explained.

He reiterated that the Igbo would after the January 21 National Executive Council meeting of Ohanaeze continue the push for a President of South East origin by reaching out to other ethnic nationalities and political parties.

He promised Nigerians that the Igbo as unifiers would ensure that any of them that becomes President of Nigeria will run an inclusive government and develop all parts of the country equitably.

Obiozor said: “All I want to say is that a President from Igboland, South East is an idea whose time has come. It is politically justifiable and morally defensible. It’s indeed logical and in all sincerity, justice, equity and fairness have finally come home to Nigeria and to crown the Nigeria political history by the idea of Igbo president. What is important for us is to promise Nigerians that if they give us that opportunity, we will bring in a leader who is a Nigerian patriot, who is knowledgeable with humility and wisdom and actually putting the country together, who indeed will work hard for the progress, peace and unity of the nation. 

“The Igbo man is unique in sharing. In Nigeria, one of the greatest problems is power sharing; this power sharing that is the greatest cause of the conflict and crisis, the Igbo President would resolve it because the Igbo man is prepared to take last, allowing others to take because he knows he shared it equitably and correctly to everybody’s satisfaction. That is the kind of President we will get; a man with conscience, humble, knowledgeable, patriotic and a true nationalist of Nigeria.”

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