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A presidential aspirant under the Mega Political Movement, Mr. Adewole Adebayo has predicted doom for the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, and the main opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, ahead of 2023 general elections, saying Nigerians will reject during the polls. 

Adebayo is seeking to occupy the nation’s number one position under a political party to be unveiled soon by the National Consultative Front, NCFront. 

The new mega political movement expected to transmute into a third force, a political party being championed by renowned economist, Professor Pat Utomi, legal luminary, Olisa Agbakoba, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ghali Umar Na’Abba and Northern Elders’ Forum, NEF, chieftain, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed among others. 

Speaking with select newsmen, weekend in Abuja, Adebayo, who is an international legal practitioner said he joined the presidential race to give hope to Nigerians again. 

He said after terrible performance records of PDP and incumbent APC administrations, admitted that Nigerians need a new leadership would offer them that hope of getting other things.  

According to him, “And Nigerians we used to have it, it was common to us in the Guinness Book of Records, any message, any survey you do, will tell you that Nigerians are the happiest people in the world and you cannot be happy if you are hopeless.  

“So, the government has robbed us of that hope and Nigerians now, for the first time since civilisation, Nigerians now believe that “tomorrow no go better.” But tomorrow go better used to be our motto in this country that the person who had the worst day will be sure that tomorrow would be better.  

“That has been stolen from us. So, we need to come out and bring a new narrative to show that we have hope.” 

On his second reasons to join the race, Adebayo said, “There’s these private treaties that politicians sign with one another, it’s a conspiracy of perpetual underdevelopment whereby you meet and say well, let me help you to come to power.  

“You do it anyhow you want to do it, people are happy or not, then you rotate it to me, you also help me to come there. So, the equation does not include the people.  

“I thought that what we should do is to listen to what people are saying and you see many people who are coming out to run, they always say they helped Buhari to come to power or they helped somebody to come to power in the past and they are promised that it is their turn but no one is mentioning the people.  

“So, I thought that we should come out and let people know that whatever bounced cheque you are given out on the corridors of power, it is not binding on the people. People want to elect a government that comes from them. 

On the worsening security situation in the country, the Ondo State born politician, blamed the failures to return the country to path of normalcy on disunity within the nation’s security architecture. 

“Then the fourth element he police, judiciary, army, DSS, whatever institution, insurance, whatever. Once you set institution up, those who are in government, those who are supposed to work in those institutions, streis lack of professionalism across board. Every institution has been compromised.  

“Every institution is there to serve those who are incumbent, whether it’s tngthen them, leave them alone for the next person to take over, privatise and personalise these institutions. 

“So, these institutions start to conflict. So, you find out that DSS is fighting EFCC, EFCC is fighting police, police is fighting army, the Airforce does not want to give air cover to the soldier because it’s fighting with the chief of army staff, the NSA does not greet the chief of army staff, everything is upside down.  

“These institutions which are supposed to be complementary and work with one another to give continuity to the state have been personalised by those who are there and the character and indiscipline of those who are there is now reflecting on these institutions.  

“So, the new people who go there pay money to enter because they see these institutions as a means of exploiting the people. They don’t go there reflecting the philosophy of the institutions and lastly and very importantly, is the question of the role of money in politics. 

“Everybody will tell you that you first have to be s thief before you look for public office or you have to go and register your name among those people who are thieves so that they can sponsor you.  

“They don’t believe the ordinary Nigerian, can come out and vie for any office in the country and offer a platform. So, we thought that we should do this. And for me personally, it would be a case of gross malpractice for me and for all that Nigeria has done for me, in became 50 years old last week. 

On why APC and PDP must be voted out next year, Adebayo said, “We have the All-Progressives Congress, APC, which came to power in 2015, on the mantra of change and the issues that we are confronted with that time -security, corruption unemployment and generally bad infrastructure and low currency management. Now that government had a second term, have had seven years plus to put their change into action.  

“What we got from them is change for the worse. The insecurity is now worse and taking a new dimension – banditry, killing and all sorts of threat to human life. The infrastructure we’ve not see much of it, but we still have a lot of debt. 

“The foreign exchange has gotten worse. It couldn’t have been worse than what it was before but they managed to make it worse.  Now we have no employment and staple food and basic things have gone up and the country is being given an excuse that well, as bad as the APC government is, its badness came from the previous government of PDP.  

“And we have in the opposition the PDP which goes without apology that it ran a very bad government but it’s always taunting us saying okay, you see we ran a very bad government but look at the one you replaced us with, they are even worse than us.  

“So let us come back and run another bad government for you because we have a franchise for running a bad government. So, when you are having these raised to the bottom, in your analysis, you discover that it’s time for ordinary citizens to come out. (Vanguard) 

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