APC rigged 2023 elections: Aisha Yesufu insists Nigerian people, Labour Party won presidential poll


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Human rights activist Aisha Yesufu has called on Nigerian citizens to become more politically active.

In a Wednesday interview with ARISE NEWS, Yesufu declared that Nigeria is currently on auto pilot with no real governance in place.

Yesufu accused the All Progressive Congress (APC) of rigging the 2023 elections, asserting that the actual victory belonged to the Nigerian people and the Labour Party. A staunch supporter of Peter Obi, she emphasized, “APC was not elected; they rigged their way into office. To me, there was no defeat. The Nigerian people won, and we know that the Labour Party won. It’s heartening to see Nigerians demystify politicking. It’s not rocket science; the 2023 election achieved much.”

Addressing the role of influencers, Yesufu noted, “Being an influencer means people hear and believe you, shaping narratives. However, it also means losing your own voice. The worst part for me is losing my anonymity.”

Yesufu stressed the importance of integrity and character, stating, “Integrity is expensive in Nigeria. I hold myself to higher standards. My words are my bond. Contentment and family support keep my spirits high.”

On the political and governance landscape, she commented, “The political space is bright, but governance is bleak due to corruption and rigging. Nation-building is slow; you must celebrate the small wins. Previously, young people weren’t interested in politics or understood the link between governance and their lives.”

Yesufu urged Nigerians to get involved in politics to improve the country. “Avoiding politics has not helped Nigeria. We need people with capacity, character, and competence. Politics shouldn’t be a primary job. Even if you’re not running, be a party member.”

She criticized the high cost of elections, which turns politics into a business. “Elections are expensive, and few can afford it. Those who do end up treating politics as business to recoup their expenses. Nigerians must support candidates financially.”

Despite her active support for Peter Obi, Yesufu clarified, “I was never a Labour Party candidate, just a supporter of Mr. Obi. I’m not yet a party member, but will announce it publicly if I join one. For me, it’s about candidates, not parties. We need people who will work.”

Emphasizing the role of activism, Yesufu said, “Advocacy, activism, and politics aim for the greater good, differing only in approach. Democracy is about improving lives, not just elections. We must mitigate rigging and violence. It doesn’t matter who we vote for if the process is flawed.”

Yesufu highlighted the power of social media in activism, stating, “There’s no government; that’s why I’m not protesting on the streets. Social media is a powerful campaigning tool. I can’t make demands on someone who rigged their way into office.”


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