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Many people have been murdered on that Ukpor- Lilu- Orsumoghu- Azia- Mbosi Road by these people who kill anybody that is in a big car and looks like a big man. It has become a crime to ride a big car in the Southeast, except you have a battalion of security operatives guarding you. During the Christmas/New Year mass return, the killers seemed to have gone on holiday and resumed afterwards.

The South East used to pay attention to news to know the latest killings in the northern region. South Easterners used to advise their brothers in the North to stay safe but nowadays, the reverse is the case. Our brothers in the North now call daily to advise us to stay safe in Alaigbo.

Unlike before, many now anxiously visit news stands or online platforms every hour to know the latest killings in Alaigbo. Before our eyes, the “home of investors” is now becoming the opposite as residents and businesses are massively relocating to neighbouring states that are outside the southeast.

The worst of all is that as Ala Igbo now witness what was known as Northern experience, our governors appear empty and helpless.

Alaigbo ooo!

The latest victim of the wanton killing in Ala Igbo is Chief Ofoma, a senior estate surveyor and valuer. He had a big estate surveying firm with offices in Port Harcourt (headquarters), Nnewi, Abuja and Lagos, employing over 150 people.

He was a soft-spoken gentleman whose chieftaincy title Ojemba Enwe Ilo means “a traveller or sojourner does not create enemies.”

He was an illustrious son of Umunnealam, Umudim, Nnewi.

After visiting his home in Nnewi and was on his way back to his base in Port Harcourt, Chief Gab Ofoma (Ojemba Enwe Ilo Nnewi) Chairman/CEO of Ofoma Associates Ltd., was gunned down in cold blood on Sunday by those who kill for no reason.

He was murdered on the Ukpor- Lilu- Orsumoghu- Azia- Mbosi Road in Anambra State, as his driver made a detour from the Onitsha-Owerri Highway en route to Port Harcourt, due to the traffic jam on the highway.

His crime probably was that he was riding in an SUV and looked like a “big man.”

According to FCC Jones, “It was in this country and in this Southeast of ours, that a governor directed that schools should open on Saturdays in order to make up for the closure of schools on Mondays as a result of the sit-at-home order by the IPOB. This governor, by that singular action submitted to the criminality of terrorists.

“That governor is certainly not daft, but a selfish and irresponsible leader. Supporting or appearing to sympathize with the criminals terrorizing the Southeast is seen as the most politically safe thing to do, and this governor did it and still does it. He didn’t care about the many innocent people that are being killed everyday in his State, but he was more interested in protecting his political interest and the false reputation of “a true Igbo man”. Today, that governor is sharing whatever authority he still enjoys with bandits and terrorists. No single day passes without news of people been waylaid and killed by bandits in that State. In fact, the terrorists have carved out a part of that State to themselves and they reign unchallenged there.

“In Imo, the terrorists are always on the run. The combined team of Ebubeagu and conventional security agents are making that State uncomfortable for them, and I pray that they do not succumb to the well coordinated blackmail sponsored by enemies of peace. They should make sure that anyone who is involved in the criminality going on in that beloved State of mine is left to go free.”

You cannot serve God and still be friends with the Devil. Southeast governors and political leaders who are pampering the so-called ESN and their offshoot criminals and terrorists should either resign their positions in government or take actions to protect and preserve the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which they swore to uphold.

You cannot be justifying the felonious atrocities of these killers and continue to grandstand in politics and even place posters here and there seeking to be voted for under a Constitution the group you support and sympathize with have sworn to undermine.

For the governors especially; as soon as you start romancing with the ESN or any of their splinter groups, you have lost both the Constitutional and moral right to remain in government. If you truly believe that Nigeria has failed your people, hence, your reason for aligning, openly or discreetly with terrorist secessionists, then, you should quit your position, denounce Nigeria and openly align with secessionists.

You cannot be white and at the same time expect to reap where black is sown. You are either a disgruntled Nigerian like myself or a happy Nigerian like those benefiting from the rot in Nigeria. You cannot be governor, Senator, or holding any political position or even aspiring to hold one, and yet, tell us all sorts of gibberish to justify the activities of these terrorist fraudsters, pretending to be secessionists.

You would be being dishonest, cowardly and idiotic at the same time. Be bold enough to stand for something and defend it openly. Don’t stand in-between and expect to be called a wise man.

— Onwuasoanya FCC Jones is a disgruntled Nigerian, not a Biafran, never a secessionists. I stand with the few who will continue to fight and work for Nigeria to survive.

The East is no longer safe unless you have battalion of armed security. Everybody should stay away for now until it’s cleaned up.

I remain yours sincerely, Ogbuefi Ndigbo

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