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By Kalu Nwokoro Idika

The leadership of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), are reportedly concluding the process of writing to Finnish government over the excesses of Simon Ekpa, the Ebonyi born self-styled disciple of Nnamdi Kanu.

Mr Ekpa who is currently giving the central command of IPOB a run for their money, on several occasions described the leadership of the separatist movement as bunch of criminals, threatening fire and brimstone should the leadership of the crisis ridden movement move on with their plan of writing to Finnish government about his activities.

He said, “criminals in IPOB say they are planning to start writing Finland, when I look at them I laugh, incase you don’t know how to write Parliament, I can advise you. What you don’t know is bigger than you. Ask Lai Mohammed how far upon all he wrote. Any day I write about u, u are gone”

Sources who spoke with NewsBand under the condition of anonymity said that the drastic measure is been considered by the leadership of IPOB as that is the only way to clip the growing feathers of Simon Ekpa.

Moreover, the Finland-based propagandist who was appointed to replace Kanu as radio Biafra anchorman before he was unceremoniously booted out of the studio by some group of cabals in IPOB-DOS has been in a running battle with the leadership of the organization whom he accused of stealing thousands of euro at the detriment of their supporters.

Three days ago, Ekpa vowed to expose Chika Edoziem, the head of Directorate Of State (The highest decision making body of IPOB) whom he described as “criminal career agitator with 2000 euros salary from IPOB”.

Although, Ekpa had before now accused Kanunta Kanu, the younger brother of Nnamdi Kanu of cornering money belonging to the group to acquire a new Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV).

He also accused the accountant general of the group, Mrs Nnennaya Anya of diverting the sum of €200k belonging to IPOB to her personal farm project, vowing to expose every principal officer of the movement involved in the alleged embezzlement.

However, Ekpa who appears unstoppable has openly declared that he will never take orders from anyone that is in DSS dungeon after he stylishly presented himself as the Defacto supreme leader of the organization with thousands of supporters of IPOB falling for his tricks.

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