Comedian Ezegetive urges Igbo parents to teach children their native language after inspired by Nigerian-Chinese Chibuike who speaks Igbo fluently 


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Comedian Ezegetive has made a passionate plea to parents of Igbo descent to ensure their children learn the Igbo language.

This call was inspired by his encounter with Emmanuel Chibuike, a bilingual individual of Nigerian and Chinese heritage, who is proficient in Igbo, English, and Chinese.

Ezegetive’s interaction with Chibuike highlighted the critical role of language and culture preservation, leading him to advocate for parents to transmit their native language to their offspring.

His message serves as a poignant reminder of the rich cultural legacy inherent in language and the parental responsibility in its safeguarding.

In the meantime, Chibuike has fascinated the digital community with his linguistic skills in Igbo, English, and Chinese.

This revelation emerged when a renowned content creator and social media influencer, known as Real Mc Ezegetive Comedy, met Chibuike during a tour of a residential complex in China.

Real Mc Ezegetive Comedy narrated in a video interview, “While exploring the estate here in China, I stumbled upon our fellow countryman. Initially, I was uncertain if he was Chinese.” He added, “As I engaged in Igbo, his laughter suggested comprehension, which piqued my curiosity.”

This exchange led to the unveiling of Chibuike’s fascinating lineage. “In the course of our conversation, he disclosed his identity. His father, originally from Ozubulu in Anambra State, had relocated to China and married a Chinese woman from Gwanzo,” the comedian detailed.

Chibuike’s effortless alternation between the three languages left a profound impression on the influencer. “This young man here is a linguistic wonder, fluent in Igbo, Chinese, and English,” he expressed in awe.

In the shared video, Chibuike exhibited his multilingual capabilities by introducing himself in Igbo, Chinese, and then English. His fluency in all three languages attests to his profound cultural consciousness.

Seizing this opportunity, Real Mc Ezegetive Comedy urged Igbo parents to impart their native language to their children. “It’s saddening to witness some Igbo children in Igbo land unable to communicate in their mother tongue,” he lamented, emphasizing the importance of preserving one’s linguistic and cultural identity.


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