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Renowned Kano businessman, Alhaji Aminu Alhassan Dantata, has called on policy makers in Nigeria to effect a paradigm shift by abolishing the present constitution for credible leadership to prevail. 

Dantata stated this at his residence in Koki quarters of Kano metropolis, Kano State, when the northern elders forum led by Professor Ango Abdullahi paid him a condolence visit over the death of Alhaji Bashir Othman Tofa. 

The business mogul said the prevailing constitution in the country should be streamlined in accordance with the present realities for business leadership to be on the right track. 

According to him, Nigeria is passing through a critical stage of democratic transition where the presidential system of government needs to be discarded in favour of a parliamentary one. 

He said the system is too expensive to sustaine, pointing out that it was the expensive nature of the system that has given way to a myriad of problems bedeviling the country. 

Speaking further, Dantata Nigeria has suffered a lot in the hands of colonial masters who had exploited the country for years, lamenting that it was the wealth of the country they plundered in order to boost their own economic fortune. 

According to the business mogul, there was a compelling need for urgent rethink for the country to answer its name in all sparing of human interest. 

He stressed that Nigeria is currently losing focus and steam as a result of absence of focused and credible leadership. 

In his address earlier, the Chairman of the Northern Elders’ Forum, Professor Abdullahi, stated that they were in Kano to condole with the people and government of the state over the demise Tofa, Dr Ibrahim Datti Ahmad, Sani Dangote and Ado Gwaram, former secretary to Kano State government (SSG). 

Those on the entourage included General Saleh Maina, Hakeem Baba Ahmed, Waziri Bauchi Alhaji Bello Kirfi, Nastura Shariff, Hajiya Najaatu Mohammed among others. (THISDAY) 

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