Defeat Of the Caliphate Title-deed And End of The Failed Lugardian Experiment Of 1914


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By Tony Nnadi  

This article is in response to a recent exposé regarding the Fulani Agenda of Conquest over Nigeria dating back to 1804 as revealed by a British Naval Intelligence Officer Captain Hugh Bain Clapperton in 1822.

Here is the text of the aforementioned exposé as currently being circulated in January of 2022:

“The Soccatoo (later Sokoto) caliphate’s agenda was first revealed in 1822 to Captain Hugh Bain Clapperton of the British Naval intelligence who arrived in Soccatoo in March of that year following his appointment as the British military attaché to Soccatoo caliphate as it was then known and spelt by the first Sultan Mohammed Bello who was a Great great grandfather of Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello, Premier of the Northern Region.

“He said to Clapperton, “God has given me all the land of the infidel” repeating his father Usman Dan Fodio Bin Fudiye’s political “jihad” war cry, “Take their houses, take their land for God has given me all the land of the infidel”. Clapperton arrived in Soccatoo five years after his death in April 1817 and spoke to his son, warriors and followers.

“It is documented in the Travels and Discoveries of Captain Clapperton, Major Dixon Denham and Dr Walter Oudney in the soudan, published in 1830. Available at the British library, 4th floor, Rare books and music section, Euston Road, Kings Cross.

“This was the reason why the Colonial Secretary Oliver Lyttleton later Lord Chandos proposed a confederation at the independence negotiations which took place at Lancaster House on the 31st of July 1953 and warned during the conference that “it is the presence of the British that is keeping Nigeria together, let nobody forget this”, but the Southern protectorate of Nigeria’s negotiators forgot and jettisoned the statement/assertion instantly.

“Chief Awolowo response, “As far as myself and my party are concerned, we shall subsume our differences for freedom, when we get freedom, we shall thrash out the details later”.

“Sadly, the freedom never arrived and therefore independence in the Southern protectorate was just an illusion/mirage. We are paying the price.

“At the negotiation conference, Chief Akanbi Olabode Thomas Barrister at Law and Deputy leader of the Action group warned the members of the delegation, ” awon people yi o kin se ara wa, e je ki won ma lo”, but he was a lone voice. He died in mysterious circumstances a few months later in November 1953.”

Here is my response:

I begin by stating that there is nothing contained in the exposé above that Chief Anthony Enahoro who in 1953, moved the First Motion for Nigeria’s Independence, did not tell me in course of years of working with him in both PRONACO (2005-2006) and MNN 2006, in which we were Co-Conveners.

Chief Enahoro was the Chief-Plaintiff (along with other Plaitiffs including Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Bishop Bolanle Gbonigi, Chief C.C Onoh, Prof Wole Soyinka, Prince Tanimose Bankole Oki, SAN; and others) in the first of the two Lawsuits we filed 2007 and 2009, to challenge the LEGITIMACY of the 1999 Constitution at the Abuja and Lagos Divisions of the Federal High Court of Nigeria on Grounds of Forgery and Fraud.

The onerous task of filing and leading the prosecution of these suits, particularly the one in Abuja, fell on me and the suit numbers are: FHC/ABJ/CS/367/07 for the Abuja Division and FHC/L/CS/558/09 for the Lagos Division. Prince Tanimose Bankole-Oki (SAN) at 90, personally led the one in Lagos until he passed on.

It is pertinent to note that it was the difficulties arising from the defeat of Enahoro’s 1953 motion for Independence by Northern delegates that prompted the July 1953 Lancaster House negotiations mentioned in the exposé.

Let it be clearly understood that the title deed by which the entire estate called Nigeria is currently owned, held and managed, is the 1999 Constitution.

The joint repudiation actions of the indigenous owners of the vast estate has defeated that bogus title deed.

This defeat of that bogus title deed also translates to the defeat of the caliphate’s stranglehold over Nigeria and unless something miraculous happens to re-infuse life back into the dead 1999 Constitution, the end is here for that caliphate strangulating hold over the nightmare the World calls “Nigeria” after over 200 Years of the hallucination of Uthman Dan Fodio in the early 1800s which was reinforced by the Failed Lugardian Experiment of 1914 christened : “Amalgamation” and embellished by the 1960 mission statement and battle script of Ahmadu Bello in which he declared to his lieutenants in the week after Nigeria’s Independence in 1960 that:

“The New Nation Called Nigeria should be an Estate of our Great-Grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We Must Ruthlessly Prevent a Change of Power. We Use the Minorities of the North as Willing-Tools and the South as a Conquered Territory; Never Allow them u Rule over us and Never Allow them have Control over their Future” (Reported in Parrot Newspaper of October 12, 1960).

Let it be known that “the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria” represents the full implementation of this Ahmadu Bello mission statement and battle script of 1960, both in content and process of emergence, if we trace things to the May 29, 1962 unconstitutional suspension of the Constitution of the then Western Region of Nigeria by the caliphate-led Federal Government of Nigeria (It was a well-known fact that the then Premier of Northern Region, Ahmadu Bello was, behind the scene, the Boss and Principal of Nigeria’s Prime Minister, Tafawa Balewa, who was the Head of the Federal Government that did the said unconstitutional act).

Let it also be known that the Caliphate monster confronting us today is the materialization of both the aforementioned Uthman Dan Fodio Vision which informed the Ahmadu Bello Mission.

The coup of January 15, 1966 and the counter-coup of July 29, 1966 have their roots in the altercations arising from the aforementioned series of events that date back to the early 1950s as the British Colonial Reign entered its twilight.

The success of the decisive onslaught against the 1999 Constitution by the indigenous peoples of Nigeria cooperating as “the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination” (NINAS) brings us now to the current threshold of engagement where all that is left for the interment of the 1999 Constitution and freeing its captives is to halt the voyage to the 2023 round of national elections.

The December 16, 2020 joint multi-regional Constitutional Force Majeure by NINAS sets the framework for that interment. (Recall that the retirement processes for the defeated 1999 Constitution was activated by the NINAS December 19, 2021 stock-taking, status and next-steps World Press Conference in Lagos.
See link to the August 17, 2021, NINAS World Press Conference outlining the reason for the electoral shutdown: ).

Immediate next-steps to demonstrate that defeat and commence the reinstatement of ownership and possession to the constituent components of Nigeria starts with the shutdown of the voyage to the 2023 validation and renewal of the life of that title deed.

The last viable political card available to the defeated caliphate is to drag the rest of Nigeria which has repudiated and rejected the 1999 Constitution to another round of national elections in 2023 under that Constitution because this will automatically infuse a modicum of life into that defeated Constitution and might buy a measure of reprieve for the embattled Caliphate.

Let it be understood that the desperate attempts by the descendants of Uthman Dan Fodio and Ahmadu Bello to 4ailroad the rest of Nigeria to the 2023 electoral voyage is the last-ditch effort of the sinking caliphate to salvage their defeated title deed, and therefore their contrived ownership and control of Nigeria.

Let it therefore be understood that the immediate shutting down of the voyage to 2023, (ie inside 2022) in practical rejection of the fraud of 1999, holds the key to extricating the rest of Nigeria from the bondage and union of death that caliphate Nigeria (ie unitary Nigeria) has become for them.

In the final analysis, for the rest of Nigeria (ie the NINAS Alliance Territories), the choice to be free or to remain in damnation will be determined by whether we shut down the journey to 2023 elections or we allow ourselves to be railroaded by the caliphate to the 2023 elections.


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