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A group has raised the alarm over attacks and killings in the Southeast by gunmen. 

It said yesterday that the recent Enugu killings and the ones ongoing in Anambra State were causing sleepless nights, adding: “Enough is enough.” 

The group spoke through Mazi Okwu Nnabuike. 

Enugu, Imo and Anambra states have been in the news in the past few weeks, following the activities of gunmen. 

The Enugu killings continued on the day the residents came out for the local government election. 

The gunmen attacked voting centres, killing many people and injuring several others. 

Okwu condemned the killings. 

Describing it as “an attack too many,” he wondered why the perpetrators would descend on hapless Nigerians going about their normal businesses in Igboland. 

“We are in deep pains over the precious lives wasted again by gunmen. 

“In the past few weeks, several persons, including security operatives, have paid the supreme price. This is condemnable and unacceptable. 

“The Igbo are known to be peaceful. They are known to be respecters of the sanctity of blood. This is why we are still at a loss on the motive and those behind these killings. 

“We urge the state governments to rise to the occasion. It does appear that the Federal Government-controlled security apparatus are sitting on the fence. 

“The state governments should step up action, using conventional and unconventional approach to tackle this menace once and for all. 

“We have had enough bloodshed in Igbo states. We say enough is enough,” Okwu said. 

He advised aggrieved youths to come to the negotiating table, “as the current approach will not yield the desired results.” 

“We are ready to midwife any negotiation that will bring about peace in Igbo land,” Okwu said. 

He consoled the victims of the gunmen attacks at Abia cattle market, Enugu and Anambra states, enjoining security agencies to investigate the incidents. 

Said he: “There must be adequate compensation for the victims. 

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