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The former Chairman, Police Service Commission (PSC), Chief Simon Okeke, has said that the Igbo need not shout on top of their roofs for them to be taken seriously about their readiness to produce a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction.

Chief Okeke, speaking with journalists at his ‘Akathar Home’, Amichi, Nnewi South Local Government Area, Anambra State, said that it was not the person or ethnic group that made the loudest noise that would produce the next President of the county.

He added that a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction would be achieved, with the underground work and measures Ndigbo had taken and not by making the loudest noise.

He agreed that there were some actions expected of Igbo politicians who were interested in occupying the exalted office of the President.

He also noted that Igbo politicians interested in the position were already doing their groundwork and could only make noise that would be effective to their ambition of clinching the exalted seat, not unnecessarily loud noise that has no effect on the pursuit of their goal.

‘Igbos are currently engaging with the right people across various ethnic nationalities, that is what is required and not shouting to the rooftop like others are doing, which at the end of the day does not add value or anything positive to their ambition.

‘And secondly, some politicians have not yet accepted that Nigeria is for all of us and not for some particular people or ethnic groups, who feel it is their exclusive right to always produce the President of the country.

‘I believe that the reason you have not heard so many politicians of Igbo extraction declaring interest is that in South East, people are spellbound and could not believe that there is so much pressure to be mounted before Nigerians from other ethnic groups would accept that it is the turn of Ndigbo to produce the next President of Nigeria after the incumbent.

‘Many politicians of Igbo extraction are so spellbound that as the tenure of incumbent President is gradually coming to an end, it will be like a walkover affair that Igbo will be allowed to produce the next President of the country, it is a faith accomplished.

‘There will be no contest from other ethnic nationalities, but they are shocked about the aspiration of some people from the North and South West who are declaring an interest.

‘However, we are Igbo people, we are not disturbed, we are known for our large hearts, we are confident that we have their match, but one would have expected some certain roles to be played by South East Governors, National Assembly members and serving ministers on the ambition of Ndigbo to produce the Nigerian President of Igbo extraction, but they seem not to be doing that.

‘We believe it is not yet late for them to put their acts together and work to achieve that political goal, we are expecting a wake-up action from the South East Governors, National Assembly members and serving ministers to play the roles expected of them,’ he said. (The Sun)

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