IPOB crossed the red line when they turn their weapons against Biafrans & conscripted minor into ESN — Uche-Mefor | NN NEWS


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By Kalu Nwokoro Idika

Uche-Mefor, the former deputy leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), has accused the leadership of the separatist movement of crossing the red line when they conscripted a minor into the dreaded Eastern Security Network.

This is coming after he exclusively told NewsBand over the weekend that he willingly resigned from the movement immediately IPOB embarked on what he described as self destructive mission (arms struggle), contrary to the general claim that he was sacked.

Mefor in a statement however said that the systematic human rights violations against Biafrans of Igbo stock by IPOB is unacceptable, adding that it is against domestic and international laws.

He said, “Indigenous People of Biafra under Nnamdi Kanu (IPONK) crossed the line when they turned their weapons against and joined the Nigerian state to begin to victimise the already victimised people of Biafra and especially the Igbo part of Biafraland (Alaigbo).

“With these, the insensitivity is legendary, the callousness is unprecedented and the self-destructive mission is total. Abomination is abomination. This systematic human rights violations against Biafrans of Igbo stock is unacceptable, the torture of the innocent and the targeted assassination and extra-judicial murder cases of both middle and high profile personalities are heinous crimes prohibited in both domestic and international laws.

“The conscription of a minor for participation into the criminal enterprise is another category of crime. The worst aspect is that all these heinous, atrocious crimes are not happening in wart but in peacetime. I personally cannot stand it until a total redirection is evidenced.”

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