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Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has denied recruiting new members for the illegal Eastern Security Network, ESN after inscription of child soldiers. 

According to the group, media and publicity, Emma Powerful in a statement warned youths to be careful as those behind the recruitment are not genuine members of IPOB saying the purported recruitment is fake. 

The group also alert the world particularly Biafrans, that some unscrupulous elements in our land are recruiting cultists and criminals as fake ESN members to further terrorize our people in Biafra land.  

Part of the statement read though; Some wicked politicians and greedy individuals in Biafra land are behind the evil agenda to create confusion and unleash mayhem on innocent people in our land. The political class is colluding with these people to sponsor the recruitment of criminals as fake ESN in their desperation to implicate IPOB and ESN. 

We are warning the youths that IPOB is not recruiting new intakes for ESN and they should be careful and mindful because those behind this recruitment are not genuine members of IPOB or ESN security outfit.  

If you are involved in this fake recruitment process you are on your own, and be ready to bear the consequences. The leadership of IPOB has not asked anybody to recruit people for ESN.  

The general public should know that ESN is not recruiting, and should run away from being tricked by fraudsters. Anybody involved in any form of recruitment for ESN is an impostor and working for the enemies. 

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