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Voters Rights Assembly, a civil society organisation, has lamented the spate of insecurity ravaging the country, informing President Muhammadu Buhari that Nigerians are fed up with condolence visits and one-minute silences observed by the Federal Government.

Voters Rights Assembly Executive Director Yinka Dada, who addressed reporters in Abuja on the heels of the recent Abuja-Kaduna train attack by terrorists, charged President Buhari to redouble his efforts in putting an end to the killings and Kidnappings.

‘Nigerians are tired of condolences emanating from Aso Rock Villa. Nigerians demand action,’ Dada stated.

‘As you are all aware, the spate of insecurity in Nigeria has now reached an unbearable all-time low level.

‘This is worrisome given the daring attacks on innocent citizens brazenly carried out by bandits, unknown gunmen and other deadly non-state actors.

‘Nigerians have now resorted to prayers while businesses and movements of goods and services continue to suffer and most, unfortunately, the government elected by the people, seem helpless in curtailing these sorrowful attacks.

‘Just last week, we woke up to another twin sad narrative on the Kaduna-Abuja railway when in the first unfortunate instance, the train conveying almost 400 passengers came under severe attack by yet to be identified bandits.

‘Scores of lives were reportedly lost, hundreds were wounded and 146 passengers are yet unaccounted for. The whereabouts of the 146 passengers are unknown till this moment.

‘According to media reports, they have been held captive by bandits.

‘This is a sovereign nation with a properly constituted government, ain’t we? Yet, no one has accepted responsibility for this negligence.

‘Sadly, all Nigerians are asked to do is to pray in the face of official negligence and near security collapse.

‘Nigerians are no longer safe. Airports, railway stations and the roads are now dreaded movement options for citizens, with obvious and ceaseless attacks. Nothing can be more disturbing.

‘Our security agencies are now understandably incapable of securing lives and movements of Nigerians at the airport, railway lines and on the roads. It is a national shame.’

Dada called on the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, to resign for failing to take responsibility for the train attack.

‘Our Minister of Transportation rather than finding the courage to accept responsibility for the security lapse had the effrontery instead to accuse other authorities within the government of sabotaging efforts at mounting surveillance equipment systems at the rail lines. This is the worst of it all.

‘From findings and information available to the public, the Hon Minister of Transportation, Hon Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, did a great disservice to the nation by placing personal interest above national interest.

‘In the next few days, the citizens will respond peacefully through the collective struggle for emancipation from the grip of non-state actors by demanding the sack of appointees who have shown clear negligence in their line of duty.

‘…we collectively, here and now, demand [Amaechi’s] resignation. The railway system cannot continue to whet the appetite of anyone’s Presidential ambition with the blood of innocent Nigerians.

‘Amaechi should go. And, he should resign now,’ he said.

(The Sun)


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