Nigeria turned to bagger, now depends on IMF, World Bank to pay salaries of workers – Prof Tomori


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A professor of Virology, Oyewale Tomori has said Nigeria is now depending on international agencies such as International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank to pay workers salaries. 

Tomori spoke on Thursday while delivering a lecture on the topic “Science, Scientist and Society” at the 79th Interdisciplinary Research Discourse of the Postgraduate College, University of Ibadan. 

Professor Tomori who is a member of the World Health Organisation Technical Advisory Group on COVID-19 vaccine composition, also disclosed that Nigeria has become a beggar for COVID-19 vaccines. 

He regretted that the country has failed to consistently invest in education, science and technology despite the vast number of natural resources. 

He said while other countries are enjoying a return on investments, Nigeria is reaping a return on iniquity and immorality. 

He said this is the main reason the country depends on loans from international donor agencies such as IMF and World Bank to pay salaries of workers. 

The University Don lamented that the current democratic system in the country is full of corruption and immorality. 

“While other countries are getting sumptuous results on their investments, we are wallowing in our own return on iniquity and on return on immorality. 

“That is why we have 10.5 million of our children out of school, 4.5 million under-vaccinated, we become the poverty capital of the world. 

“We are investing hugely in corruption and disdain for science and technology. 

“And we now depend on IMF loans and world bank to pay our workers’ salaries, to import food which we should be producing.” 

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