Obasanjo’s biological father hails from Onitsha, Igbo descent, says Col. Adekunle


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Retired Colonel Sunday Adekunle Majekodunmi revealed that Obasanjo’s biological father hailed from Onitsha and was of Igbo descent. He shared this detail alongside insights into Obasanjo’s familial background and the influence it had on his life and career.

As he approaches his 90th birthday on Monday, March 18, Majekodunmi, the esteemed Aare Ona Kakanfo and Otun Ba’asegun of Egba-land, shares his insights on a range of profound topics encompassing life, medicine, politics, and the future of the nation.

Previously serving as the Chief Medical Officer to the General Officer Commanding (GOC), TY Danjuma, Majekodunmi leaves no stone unturned, addressing even the most contentious issues as he discusses the current state of the nation and his expectations for the afterlife.

He candidly discusses the Nigerian Army, acknowledging both its merits and flaws. He recalls instances where innocent individuals were mistakenly implicated in mutinies or coup plots, simply due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Despite these issues, he maintains that the army is a commendable institution, provided one leads an honest life.

He recounts the story of Major Yaya, a subordinate under his command at the Military Hospital, who was arrested due to a careless comment about a dream of a coup. Majekodunmi defended Yaya, arguing that his position in the Pharmacy Department and lack of access to weapons made him an unlikely coup plotter. Despite his efforts, Yaya was retired from service, prompting Majekodunmi to caution others about the importance of discretion in their speech.

Majekodunmi also addresses his retirement from the Nigerian Army, attributing it to the harsh policies of Abacha. He contrasts Abacha’s disregard for welfare with the more compassionate approaches of Obasanjo and TY Danjuma. His retirement was precipitated by a disagreement over funding for medical treatment for Abacha’s personnel.

He further elaborates on the leadership styles of Obasanjo and Abacha, praising Obasanjo’s forthrightness and criticizing Abacha’s intolerance for opposition. He also reveals some lesser-known aspects of Obasanjo’s background, including his humble origins and complex family history.

In conclusion, Majekodunmi’s reflections provide a unique perspective on life, politics, and the military, offering valuable insights as he celebrates his 90th birthday.


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