Peter Obi firmly rejects incitement claims, challenges Umahi to verify tenure records and stop demolishing peoples jobs


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Presidential candidate Peter Obi of the Labour Party in the 2023 elections has released a statement to address misconceptions about his actions and statements during his time as governor of Anambra State, especially regarding the ongoing demolitions for the Lagos-Calabar coastal super highway.

Obi firmly rejects the misrepresentation of facts about his tenure. He clarifies that he had always been clear about removing any structures that obstructed existing roads and lacked government approval. He asserts that any suggestion to the contrary is a gross distortion of the truth.

He invites anyone to validate his claim that the demolished structures were encroaching on the road and built without government approval. He provides specific examples, such as the demolition of the Onitsha North local government headquarters located on the only existing stadium, which was then relocated and rebuilt away from the stadium.

Obi’s actions were strategic, prioritizing the repair and maintenance of existing infrastructure over disruptive projects. He emphasizes that his approach aimed to protect Nigerians’ livelihoods and ensure resource efficiency.

He also addresses the false comparisons between his actions on Brewery Road and the current coastal super highway project. He insists that he never proposed creating a new road that would disrupt existing structures but focused on enhancing accessibility and safety by removing obstructions on existing roads.

Obi firmly rejects allegations of incitement against the government, emphasizing his focus on fostering constructive dialogue and inclusivity. He stands by his record as governor and remains committed to advocating for the rights and well-being of all Nigerians.


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