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Elder statesman and Nigeria’s former Minister of Health, Prof ABC Nwosu, has described former Governor Peter Obi as a man whose virtues of discipline, integrity and humility, despite his achievements in many areas of life, were worthy of emulation in the leadership of the country.

Nwosu made the remarks while addressing the Board of Trustee (BOT) members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abuja. He stated that Obi, not minding his wealth, fame and influence, has continued to maintain, unpretentiously, a humble lifestyle.

Reiterating why Obi should be given the mandate to lead and rescue Nigeria from further collapse, Nwosu recalled how he convinced Obi to contest in 2001 and become the Governor of Anambra State. He said he has ever remained proud with what Obi achieved as the Governor of the state.

“Having closely observed him as a lecturer while he was a student and then carefully followed his trajectory since his graduation, I strongly believed he was a man with the intelligence, discipline, frugality and management acumen that Anambra State needed at that time to restore our lost values as a people.

“I am proud to say that the stakeholders took my advice, went to him, convinced him and he contested and won. The results are the huge gains witnessed in all departments of development. He also delivered far beyond my expectations by restoring those values very dear to us as a people.”

Nwosu beckoned on the PDP stakeholders and all Nigerians, to unanimously throw their weight behind Obi, in whom he expressed hope of rescuing the nation.

“I am telling powerbrokers in Nigeria that this is the man who has not only added experience to the litany of sterling qualities in him, but also has acquired more requisite knowledge by diligently studying the problems of this country and chronologically putting down the solutions to each of these problems. If we in PDP are talking of consensus, Peter Gregory Obi is that consensus material,” Prof Nwosu concluded.

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