Amaechi once said publicly that he is not Igbo, why the sudden U-turn? – Joe Igbokwe | NN NEWS


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According to the NationalDaily, Rotimi Amaechi, the honorable minister of Transport, has reportedly joined the 2023 presidential race, while clearing the air about his ancestry he revealed that his name is Chibuike Amaechi and he is an Igbo man by birthright, heritage and ancestry, he said people would only contest this fact if they want to be sectional and deny the Igbo people. He said he is an Ikwerre man and his people are Igbos.

After Joe Igbokwe came across that news, he took to his Facebook account to react by saying that the Honorable minister of transport, former two term governor of Rivers State and former two term speaker of the Rivers State House of assembly once said publicly that he is not Igbo.

Joe Igbokwe asked why the sudden change in statement now because he cannot deny the Igbos in the afternoon and come to them in the night to pay allegiance. Joe Igbokwe noted that this is not the hallmark of a serious and decent person, informing Rotimi Amaechi that they are not babies.

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