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The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Zamfara State has alleged that banditry in the state was perpetuated by activities going on in mining sites owned by a retired General. 

The Publicity Secretary of APC in the state, Yusuf Idris, said this during a press briefing. 

According to Idris, it has been globally discovered that the bandits terrorising the north western states and Zamfara state in particular, share common interests with highly placed mining site owners and the miners. 

“Such untouchables, as it is, include a retired General. He owns over 70 per cent of such sites,” he added. 

He said the security agencies should investigate “why we never hear any fracas between these miners and the bandits even though both operate in the bushes of the state. 

“I will also urge you gentlemen of the press to carry out an investigative report on this. The result and outcome will shock you to your bones. Similarly, as witnesses in the state, you will recall that when his Excellency, Governor Matawalle was still in the PDP and facing serious security challenges, neither the PDP national leadership nor its governors shared the pains of Zamfara. 

“This was until they were put to shame by the APC which came in full force to commiserate with the people and government of our dear state before the PDP sheepishly copied from such visit. Also, you remember the governor had challenged all good leaders of the state to come forward and swear that they have no hand in supporting armed banditry in the state. 

“And for them to also join him to fashion out best ways of addressing the insecurity bedeviling the state; you can tell me if they came. The reason is not farfetched; just investigate you will see why. 

“Don’t forget, it was this same Governor Matawalle whose effort single handedly led to the reopening of hitherto closed roads and markets linking and connecting communities within and outside the state which were shut due to armed bandits’ activities. Or is it that the PDP people don’t know all these?” he queried. 

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