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By Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

One of the things the IPOB achieved in the last one year is to terrorize all of us into acquiescing to their sacrilegious affronts on the Igbo nation.

It is either because of your political leaning, you feel that whatever troubles the system is welcomed or you are genuinely ignorant of how dangerous the activities of this group is to the collective aspiration of Ndigbo, or the group, through their murderous escapades, have succeeded in frightening you into silence.

No matter, on which side you fall, you must concede to the fact that the IPOB meted the most destruction on Ala Igbo in the last one year than any other group or ethnic group has ever done to Ndigbo.

The IPOB would always come out to deny involvement in the many acts of terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, and most recently, cannibalism which they undoubtedly instigated through reckless statements and irresponsible orders, but it is undeniable that the group has determined to set Ala Igbo on fire through their irresponsible rhetoric and illegitimate orders.

It was the same group that ‘ordered’ Mondays sit-at-home, which as at the last count, has cost scores of Igbo lives, destroyed livelihoods, destroyed Billions of Naira worth of properties and by conservative estimates, drained more than one trillion Naira of Southeast economy in the last few months.

It was the same group that incited the desecration of our traditional stools through their hate speeches against our traditional rulers, hence, the targeted assassination of many innocent and responsible traditional rulers in Igbo land and setting ablaze revered thrones and palaces in Igbo land by hoodlums and terrorists whom they constantly deny having anything to do with.

It was the same group that incited the killing of prominent Igbo intellectuals, professionals and political leaders by labelling anyone who openly or indirectly questions their methods as saboteurs.

It was the same group that is responsible for denying our younger brothers and sisters the opportunities to write their Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and instigated or at least provided a shield for the hoodlums who killed a school principal in Imo State, because of their anti-Igbo order for schools to be closed on Mondays.

Because, many of us have chosen the path of silence and diplomacy, the group has upped their traitorous ante by purportedly banning the consumption of cow meat and the recitation of the Nigerian national anthem in public schools in Igbo land.

No doubt, this irresponsible and illegitimate order would further provide a shield for more lost of innocent lives and destruction of our education, economy and the social lives of Ndigbo in Ala Igbo and outside of it, and every responsible Igbo man or woman must rise up to condemn, without mincing words, these affronts on the Igbo collective political and economic wellbeing.

We must not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by terrorists. We must not concede the leadership of Igbo land to fugitives and impostors. We must rise up to reclaim our land from these bandits, no matter what pretenses they make to freedom fighting.

Enough is Enough!

Cattle rearing is not the exclusive preserve of the Fulanis. And even if it is, no group has the right to ban another from participating in the business of his her choice or to determine for another what he should eat or not to eat. This attempt to turn Ala Igbo to conclave of slaves, must be resisted.

Ala Igbo is a part of Nigeria and will continue to remain a part of Nigeria until Ndigbo collectively agree otherwise. Therefore, the singing of the Nigerian National anthem in our schools is mandatory.

Ebubeagu operatives across Igbo land must liaise with security operatives to rid Ala Igbo of these criminals and terrorists who have decided to enslave Ala Igbo.

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