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Many Nigerians have expressed their anger at former Governor of Anambra State and former Vice Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Peter Obi following his shopping experience at Toga Fashion House, Awka, which he shared on his Twitter page.

Nigerians who thought that the fashion house was domiciled in China, reminded Obi that his attention was urgently needed back home in respect to the 2023 presidency. They thus expressed anger at Obi’s delay in declaring for the 2023 presidential election which they are waiting for and not pictures of shopping experience for now.

A lady by name Chidimma Esther said: “Please sir, kindly declare your interest in the presidential election 2023, we are patiently waiting.”

One Mr Obinna commented: “His Excellency, I know you are buying the shirt you will use to declare your intention to run for the Presidency. Biko we can’t wait.”

Consensus of opinion is that Nigerian need Obi for the 2023 poll and not his shopping pictures, picture of talking engagements nor even his picture of visits to schools. They want him to declare interest as one of the few persons capable of restoring the glory of Nigeria.

When contacted on phone,  Obi restated his resolve to continue to support small businesses and patronise local manufacturers. He said  he did not go for shopping in China as many believe, but at Awka. He said he decided to shop at Toga Fashion House, Awka because he believed that it would  give a great mileage to the business which he said currently creates job for a lot of people and provides quality fashion products for the society.

As governor and out of office, Obi has continued to patronise local industries. Speaking recently, Managing Director of Innoson Motors, Chief Innocent Chukwuma  said that the support Obi gave him was what is still sustaining his businesses, because it opened doors for the company’s advancement.

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