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Anambra governor-elect, Chukwuma Soludo, has said he will source and harvest competent hands from around the world that will help his administration develop the state upon assumption of office. 

He said he would work closely with the South East and South South states and the professionals therein to activate Anambra’s economic prosperity. 

“We envision an Anambra that will be the preferred destination in West Africa to live, learn, work, relax and enjoy, and we will welcome any and every contribution to make this work. 

“Of course, Anambra is a state in the South East and is not an island unto itself. So, we will seek the cooperation and collaboration of other states, especially South East and South South states. This will be critical for creating a prosperous homeland. 

“The times are hard and the immediate future will be challenging. Despite this, Ndi Anambra expect extraordinary outcomes, and literarily expect miracles, and we can’t let them down and no excuses will do. 

“We are determined to give it our all, mobilising the creative resources of our people all over the world to create a befitting homeland. It is our collective dreams and assignment,” Soludo said. 

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