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The Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Karshi Division, CSP Yahaya Amodu, over the weekend, allegedly drank to stupour and knocked down a road user around Nyanya a suburb of Abuja.

News Band was informed by our correspondent that while he was attempting to escape, an angry mobs attacked and rough-handled him.

In the ensuing fracas, his service Pistol was reportedly stolen by one of the mobs.

According to our correspondent, “CSP Yahaya Amodu was so drunk that he left a brothel drunk as usual and knocked down a road user around Nyanya Abuja.

“In an attempt to escape, angry mobs descended on him heavily.

“Trying to shove his service Pistol as the DPO Karishi Division then, his pistol was snatched from him by the angry mobs.”

Our correspondent, in a petition to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), noted that this CSP Amodu, is a saboteur who leaks intelligence to criminals for monetary gains.

He urged IGP to demand for the whereabouts of Amodu’s service Pistol.

“This his attitude is unbecoming of a noble police officer. He behaves like a motor park tout,” he said.

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