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Vice Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the 2019 general elections and presidential aspirant for the 2023 elections, Mr Peter Obi, yesterday predicted that he might likely emerge as the consensus candidate of all Nigerians and the Peoples Democratic Party for the general elections.

Answering questions from reporters when a group of young professionals presented to him the PDP Presidential Nomination and Expression of Interest Forms at his Onitsha GRA residence, Obi said he remains committed to building a better Nigeria and a secured future for the youths.

The former Anambra State governor said discussions for a consensus candidate among the aspirants might turn out in his favour since he represents the best choice for Nigerians at this point in history.

“They didn’t say consensus is from a particular section; it might be consensus for Nigeria, and as we are going round, we shall be discussing everything. You never know I might be the consensus candidate. I agree we shall be talking to each other and in the end, we shall find out who is the best for the job,” he said.

Obi said he has strong support across all parts of Nigeria, noting that in this present recruitment process for Nigeria’s leader, people should endeavour to investigate and interrogate people’s past and unearth what they were able to do in their previous assignments/jobs while he is confident that his antecedents will speak favourably for him.

He said he possessed the capacity, exposure and knowledge to turn things around positively in Nigeria having toured various parts of the world in search of solutions for the country.

Earlier, the national convener of the Young Professionals, Mr. Daniel Wilbert, an Itsekiri from Warri, Delta State, who presented the forms to Obi, on behalf of the group, said they looked around and found Mr Obi as the best for the job of Nigeria’s president this time.

The convener said the group, an umbrella body of all registered working class professionals in Nigeria which comprises medical doctors, engineers, entertainers, legal practitioners, media professionals, among others, arrived at the decision to buy the form and support Obi’s aspiration based on his personal pedigree, experience in administration, management of economy and approach to politics.

(The Sun)

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