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Former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi has warned Nigerians against celebrating or endorsing politicians who are doling out money ahead of next year’s general elections.

Obi, who recently declared his intention to contest the 2023 presidential election, on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), contended that politicians who share money mostly during plebiscite, do not mean well for the country.

He spoke yesterday in Abuja at an event organised by the Nigeria Ethnic Nationalities Youth Leaders Council (NENYLC), entitled: ‘National Development, Role of the Nigerian Youths.’

The former vice presidential candidate in 2019, implored the youths to elect credible Nigerians that would change the fortunes of the country.

“Do not celebrate those who are sharing you money. Nobody throws away his own money.

“For those of us who are contesting election, who were we 25 years ago? What did they do? What was their day time job? Who are they? Don’t just listen to their grammar.

“Do not even look at their certificates because they have long certificates. Educational qualification is not a measure of integrity. If he says he went to school who are his classmates?,” he said.

While advising the youth, he said, “the country loves you. You have no other country except this one. It is yours, build it. Whatever is happening to Nigeria today is taking revenge on you.

“You are the biggest victims of those who are suffering. So, the onus depends on you to decide to change it. You start by having cohesion.

“There is no difference between the youth in Borno or Sokoto with the youths in Oyo, in Anambra State or Benue; it is the same thing.

“So you must come together as a people, build a better cohesion. My contribution is to urge you as the election comes, like the former Vice President, my dear brother has been pleading about peace and ensuring that there is a peaceful election.

“We must ensure that competent leaders with capacity to serve this nation are elected. Let nobody give you impression that by electing whoever that they will have to benefit.

“If it is somebody that is incompetent everybody will suffer. I am sure you read the recent World Bank report which shows that more and more Nigerians are falling into poverty.

“The insecurity we are experiencing is all over Nigeria; it is not peculiar to anybody. So, it is important that you help elect those who are competent.

“Let us elect competent leadership that has capacity to unite us and have the capacity to be able to pursue economic agenda that will turn around the country.

“What we are experiencing today is caused by leadership failure over the years. Do not think you are going to get anything out of incompetent leadership no matter how it benefits you personally.

“It will worsen the entire country and eventually worsen you. It is important that we start building a better Nigeria all of us collectively.

“Let next leadership from the local governments to the state and federal be people who have capacity to govern. People who have integrity and managers of resources.

“People can know where to invest. The biggest assets of a country are human beings that live in that country.

“Nigeria as a nation has not invested in its people. It is good we have some physical infrastructure.

“But you cannot make physical infrastructure without investing in human development.

“Elect those that can invest in you so that we can have a progressive country that can help everybody. Today, you hear of Nigeria being able to generate low revenue.

“Your revenue will be low when you are not producing anything. You cannot wait to withdraw when you have not deposited anything.

“So, let us elect those who know who how to invest in human beings. In every country of the world, the economy is being driven by the youths.

“We have bad managers of our resources. Those who do not know how to apply it and that is why we are talking about corruption.

“I have governed a state for eight years and I tell people to go and show me their money that is missing. You can call me any name but go and see all your money.

“If you are involved; your wife and children and concubines, nobody will take it. So, it is important we get it right. If you see Peter Obi sharing money to you do not say when he was in office he was very good.

“He helped a lot of people. No. That man is not meant to share money. He is meant to use the money for the benefit of the society.”

Meanwhile, former President Goodluck Jonathan, urged Nigerians to be peaceful during and after the exercise.

Represented by a former Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, tasked the youths to remain united for a better country.

“No country is stronger than the youths. You are the pride of the nation and the future of the nation. Everywhere in the world, the youths are the vanguard of national development.

“We all know that our youths are part of the most talented people in the world. We are very proud of our youths.

“The youths of this country must understand that the unity of our nation is the only condition for the development and progress of Nigeria.

“If the youths are united the nation will be strong. Let me, on behalf of my boss call the new leaders and the members of the board of trustees to work harmoniously for the peace of Nigeria.

“I am saying this with emphasis because there is no nation that can achieve anything when there is no peace. We are sitting her calmly because of peace.

“Let us do everything within our power to be peace ambassadors. National peace is the responsibility of all citizens,” he said.

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