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Nkanu East Consultative Forum has appealed to other local government areas of the state to support their council area to produce Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s successor.

The group, led by former Minister of Power, Professor Barth Nnaji, made the appeal when the forum paid a courtesy visit to former Senate President, Senator Ken Nnamani, in his Amechi Awkunanaw home recently.

Professor Nnaji said that the appeal became necessary as zoning which has now become part of the system in Enugu State favours Enugu East Senatorial Zone to produce the next governor.

According to Nnaji, apart from the fact that some other councils in the zone have had their turns at the office except them, “Nkanu East is a very neglected area of Nkanu land without a single all-season road or government presence (federal or state)”.

He complained that the need for a good road network was so acute so much so that the greater majority of the LGA have to detour through five other local government areas before accessing their council headquarters at Amagunze.

Whereas the area is brimming with solid minerals and agricultural potentialities lying unexploited due road problems, all it would take to easily meet the problem is put a bridge across the Idodo River and connect the vast areas with good roads.

Said he: “We have sons who are well qualified to advance the interest of Enugu state. We are not asking to make any of them governor in order to help just our own localities, all we are hoping for is that if our son becomes governor, some of the winds of development that he initiates in the state will also blow in our area. This will end our marginalized condition and give us sense of belonging.

“This is why we are appealing to you as a major pillar in this state, nay in the whole country, to lend us your support and speak up for us in our cause”.

Agreeing with Prof Bart Nnaji, the former Senate President, Nnamani retorted: “You used the term marginalization to describe the situation in Nkanu East, I’d rather you use the word backwardness. It is part of it”.

“I am totally sold to the idea and if there is a way we can spread developments and other amenities in Nkanuland, I am all for it. I wholly support your move and urge you to remain resolute and steadfast in it.

“Your mission is a noble one. Follow it to the end. Leave no stone unturned and neglect none in your consultation efforts whether the person will support you or not.

“The state of the roads in the area is horrible but you can’t blame anyone government for the shortcomings. It has been a perennial problem.

“You have made no mistake by agitating for full inclusiveness in Enugu East zone, in Enugu state and in Igboland to be treated fairly as everyone else”.

Nnamani told his visitors to bear in mind that there are two major political parties dominating the politics of the time. They are to first endeavor to help their sons make strong showings in their efforts to clinch the nomination tickets of the two parties as well as in other parties.

After that is done, they are to sit back to decide whom to urge to step back and whom to urge the people to support.

The former senate president also asked the Nkanu East leaders to be sportsmanlike in their effort and to recognize that other parts of the state could also aspire to the same office, stating that the National Constitution guarantees their inalienable right to do so.

However, he reasoned that in all fairness, other parts of the Enugu East Senatorial zone have even enjoyed governorship positions and have received more government patronages whereas the Nkanu East was yet to receive even a serious government appointment.

He called for concerted efforts of all sons and daughters of Enugu East Senatorial zone to queue up behind Nkanu East to make sure that the coveted office does not elude Enugu East.

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