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Youths in the southern part of the country under the umbrella of Southern Nigeria Ethnic Youth Leaders Assembly(SNELYA) has urged the All Progressives Congress(APC) and the Peoples Democratic (PDP) to zone their presidential tickets to the south east to for fairness and equity.

A statement by the leader of the group, Felix Worlu in Owerri on Sunday also challenge the zone to bring out their best to address the problems of the nations.

He said “We insist that, hence President of Nigeria is coming to Southern Nigeria in 2023, standing on out tripod slogan of Justice, Fairness and Equity we passionately appeal to Frontline political parties especially APC, PDP and others to cede their Presidential ticket to Southeast.

” We also challenge Southeast to demonstrate capacity, by given Nigeria the most qualified, credible and competent Presidential Candidate that will heal the political and economic wounds of Nigeria, to achieve a prosperous country with effective economic hub that settles the wave of unemployment ravaging our youths since the past 50 years.” Worlu said.

The youth group therefore urged all the youths in the Southern Nigeria to come out en masse for voters registration, and “ready for ballot revolution that will project merit in 2023 general election to all elective positions in Southern Nigeria”. Worlu stated.

(The Sun)

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