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By John Egbeazien Oshodi 

Although it is painful, it is time for the suspended super cop Abba Kyari to say to the Inspector General of Police and Attorney General of the Federation, “I am ready to turn myself in to the American government. I no longer want to be a part of the back-and-forth internal probes and reports as well as remain the face of scorn and ridicule regarding this international concern circling around me.” Furthermore, he should say the following: “Over and over, you investigated this difficult international wire fraud case, possibly trying to lay it to rest, but there was no way out, so I am turning myself in to the FBI.” 

Kyari should tell his backers or supporters that he found out from this article about the case of one Leonard Rayne Moses, who had been on the run from the FBI for almost 50 years after escaping police. He was arrested on November 12, 2020, while attending his grandmother’s funeral. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, America’s global-based intelligence and security service, does not give up easily.

As a forensic and clinical psychologist who has worked with criminal suspects for decades, I realise that dealing with the psychological impacts of an arrest and prosecution is an emotionally consuming experience. There is no doubt that you are likely feeling anxiety from the prospect of going to an American jail while being tried and then prison if found guilty by an American court. 

From the moment you wake up until you go to sleep at night, if you are fortunate enough to get a full night’s sleep, you are filled with thoughts about your case. As a police officer, or a super cop, as you are known in Nigeria and America, I know you are familiar with police ethics, which includes values such as duty and honesty. Basically, ethics is doing the right thing. 

This is eating you up emotionally, especially when the FBI and the American judge will remind you of the moral part of you as a police officer. After all, you are Nigeria’s ‘super cop’, although now a suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police. There have been more Nigeria Police Force feted promotions recently, and I am sure your forced absence may have cost you a possible promotion and new posting. Emotionally, this could be hitting you hard. 

Oh, I once glanced at a book titled, “Strides Of Destiny: A Biography Of The Super Cop ABBA KYARI” by Edentu Oroso, published in 2019. The central theme of the text is the story of a man, meaning you, whose entire existence oozes out integrity and honour. Remember to tell your American judge about the book, as it may earn you some brownie mitigating or good points for your good deeds. 

I understand that fear of the unknown is possibly your greatest worry, especially when this case is in America, far away from Nigeria, where it is not uncommon to hear a Nigerian judge negotiating a bribe to skew justice. Sorry, to use a local parlance, no amount of magomago, or bribe, can help you, not in the USA. It is all about fair play. 

Kyari, I recall that a warrant was issued by Otis Wright, a judge in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, following the grand jury’s decision to approve charges against you and others. 

You need to know this. The United States government has spent lots of time, energy, and money getting ready for your case. Nothing will stop your case other than letting the legal process take place. Here is a tip, write the judge directly, tell him you are worried about going to prison, but you are going to come before him. 

For your information, he is a black judge. He might already have a cultural understanding that you are a black male with susceptibilities to social pressure. What I am saying is stop wasting time playing the game of ‘hide-and-seek’. American judges detest misuse of their time. Sir, O’ boy, no more delay, quickly act now. 

Within the Nigerian context, I see you involved in what is called a “hide-and-seek” game. As you likely know, the game of hide-and-seek promotes secretive play. In this game, the FBI possibly doesn’t know where you are and what you are doing, but one thing is certain; they know you are a criminal fugitive who is hiding. 

The American courts and FBI will continue to seek you out, as they know you will never hide forever. Your hope for now is that the FBI agent from whom you are hiding doesn’t seek out your hiding place. But there are some who may know all the current hidden things surrounding you as you, for the moment, invade the American court and FBI. These may include authorities from the Nigeria Police Force, the Police Service Commission, and the office of the Attorney-General, or even supportive NGOs. 

We both know something about African culture, in terms of relationships between emotions, ethnicity, religion, and justice. That is why we have heard biased, favourable, and even protective words towards you. We all saw emotional words from the likes of Austin Braimoh of the Police Service Commission. “It sounds strange to me that a US court could order the arrest of a noncitizen, a Nigerian citizen resident in Nigeria…” We even saw a response from Police Affairs Minister, Muhammad Dingyadi of what Nigeria calls the Ministry of Police Affairs, stating that, “And we have also reported that the committee has submitted the report to the IGP, and we have submitted this report and recommendations to the AGF for legal opinion. Thereafter, we will take it to Mr. President for final consideration. So, you can see that this matter is a local matter here; it also has some international connotations.” 

Then there was an application filed by the Incorporated Trustees of Northern Peace Foundation asking the Federal High Court to restrain the Nigeria Police and the Attorney General of the Federation from arresting and extraditing you, but it was rejected by a sensible judge. 

We also noticed conflicting reports that the PSC will carry out a separate investigation apart from the one ordered by the Nigeria Police. Just some hours ago, there was a directive from the Attorney-General informing the Police Service Commission to inform the Inspector-General of Police to deepen investigations between you and Hushpuppi, who is due to be sentenced on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022. 

As you can see, all this game of hide and seek are all attempts to ‘help’ you one way or the other, but in the end, these Nigerian officials know that you cannot legally hide when a US court has issued an arrest warrant for you, in your status as a fugitive criminal. In this case, I plead with you to understand one thing; in the eyes of the American legal system, you have become a chronic runaway, which will not be a positive point when you finally face the judge in California. Kyari, you would enjoy California, known as the Mecca of celebrity culture in the USA. After all, you love celebrations! 

Again, thank the Nigerian law enforcement authorities for all they have done to keep you in the country since July 2021, when you were declared wanted for fraud in the US. Just say to them, no more Nigeria type investigative probes and reports, ‘I am turning myself in to the FBI’. This stressful situation could be overwhelming you with shame, especially as a man of pride. It is not enough to fill your mind with suicide thoughts or self-destructive acts. Just believe the future is still positive. 

I wish you a happy journey and success in your case. 

 Prof Egbeazien Oshodi, an American-based forensic/clinical psychologist, via [email protected] 

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