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As the Global hype about the diminishing importance of hydrocarbons continues and as the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria continues to reel in the pain and devastation of over six decades of Nigeria’s Oil Exploration and Exploitation, the attention of the Caliphate Proprietors of Unitary Nigeria is rapidly shifting to the Vast Gas Deposits of Eastern Nigeria, particularly Igboland.

It is well known that there are huge Gas Deposits in Eastern Nigeria but the Unitary Nigeria and it’s Caliphate Proprietors, masquerading as “the Federal Government of Nigeria” have by the Instrumentality of the Exclusive List in the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria hijacked and confiscated the ownership and control of the Vast Gas Deposits just as it did Oil, Coal, Bitumen, Limestone and a long list of other Solid Minerals spread across the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria.

It is obvious these Vast Gas Deposits of Eastern Nigeria have become the most urgent Priority in the Elaborate Asset Stripping Scheme of the Caliphate.

Operating as “the Federal Government of Nigeria” this Caliphate had of recent regaled us with tales of how they will expand Nigeria’s Economic Base with Gas Exports to Europe, suppressing the fact that the Gas Pipelines will first land gas to Kano Industrial Hub before continuing in pipes to Europe through North Africa, but the many Industrial Hubs of the Eastern from which the Gas will flow, will be bypassed for the utilization of the Gas.

Many are aware of 1300 km Pipeline Project currently being rushed by the Nigerian Government to to export Gas to Europe. (That was the Project from which China pulled back from a $1Billion Loan Agreement following a Global Caveat by NINAS even as Caliphate-Run NNPC had hurriedly deployed their Counterpart Funding to the Project commencing Construction and Laying of Pipes).

The Dangote Refineries and Fertilizer Plant in which the Caliphate “Federal Government” plunged over $2Billion from Nigeria’s Treasury is anchored upon the confiscated Oil & Gas Assets of the Niger-Delta and the Yoruba (Ondo), all a part of the Elaborate Asset Stripping Scheme of the Caliphate.

The 1999 Constitution which EXCLUSIVELY empowers the Caliphate Operating as “the Federal Government of Nigeria” is the only reason all these are going on and unless we find a way to Take down that 1999 Constitution, not only will the Caliphate succeed in carting away the Gas, they would intensify their extermination plan against the Peoples Eastern Nigeria.

The Russia-Ukraine War has suddenly escalated the urgency of that Project as the West scouts for alternatives to Russian Oil & Gas. This exponentially increases the danger Igboland and the rest of the East is in.

Everything else our People are doing outside the Joint Multi-Regional Constitutional Force Majeure that NINAS rolled out to oust the 1999 Constitution, the Unitary Nigeria built on it is simply tantamount to Self-Immolation and a waste of time.

It is a Tragedy that People caught in this kind of existential threat are still monkeying around with some phantom “Biafra Restoration” and hallucinating about some phantom “Igbo Presidency”, wobbling rambunctiously to the 2023 Elections that will renew and reinforce that Constitution since it will be Mandated by the 1999 Constitution, and especially because the winner of the Election will have to Swear to and Govern by that Obnoxious Constitution.

Tony Nnadi is Co-converner, Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self a determination (NINAS) and Secretary General, Lower Niger Congress (LNC).

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