Corruption hits APC accounts as party chairman talks tough, vows to probe members, warns we cannot win election the way it’s going | NN NEWS


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National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Abdullahi Adamu, has hinted at the likelihood of his regime look into the account books of the ruling party to ensure it has clean bill of ledger.

Speaking after receiving the certificate of return from the convention’s electoral committee, he also warned that the party cannot move the way it is moving and win the 2023 general elections.

Demanding total loyalty from his committee members, he said: “We will find you ready partners. As for those of you who just received your certificate just like me, members of the working committee I have told you during our first meeting of the committee, I am a team player. I am a team player as much as is possible I want to carry everybody along with me.

“But to work with me, not because I’m the best and everything, you have to be loyal. You are loyal to me is not loyalty to me but loyalty to the party. You have to recognize the authority of the party in all that we do and the interest of the party is paramount.

“You are lucky you are around because we had agreed by Wednesday we are having our next meeting because we wanted the committee to give us a report we want to know where the party is exactly, so that we don’t get taken by the exuberance of winning election and just plunge into the pond pool or not know how deep is the temperature of the water.

“As for you, the Director of Admin, you have no hiding place. We will count on your loyalty to the party. It is in God’s pleasure that we are here at the helm of affairs of this party. We have come with a very open mind but you have to reciprocate in same spirit.

“We will definitely, by the will of God Almighty, look at the Secretariat, we need to look at you, but I am not saying anything today until the transition committee submit its report.

“It is my hope that by the time the report is submitted, you have what they call clean bill of ledger that’s my prayer. Right? My sister knows what I am talking about. So, thank you very much for spending time to be with us on this occasion and we will look forward to your cooperation every way you can.

“And if we as a team, you know you cannot do, don’t be ashamed to say so. It is better to be ashamed or not to be ashamed to say so that you are shamed for failure. We have zero tolerance for failure in this new dispensation of our great party, because we have an anomalies responsibility for want of more appropriate exploration ahead of us.

“On the elections, we cannot move the way we are to election. We have a marching order by the leader of this party, President Buhari. We will have to deliver, we will have to deliver there will be no excuses whatsoever and and will need everybody’s hands on deck for this to happen,” he warned.

He solicited for the cooperation of the Governors Forum, noting: “I want to thank you and I want you to bear this in my place. I don’t know you are all very busy persons who have not finished establishing our team. Whether they want to behave as if we have preempted the election itself. And the policy we’re going to put on it.

“So, there are quite a lot of things that are there that we will need your expertise. You may not be coming to join us as permanent members. In our Secretariat, whatever assignments we may be wanting to undertake some ad hoc responsibilities for us particularly in areas where you are now authorities as far as APC is concerned.

“So I hope because the two of you are here, with the two of you by the time I meet the totality or the bigger number of this kind of persons, we would be explicit and we will be talking to you particularly to talk to the Governors Forum, through you to our chairman of the progressive governors forum.

“We will need your services from time to time and it is my hope that when we get to that point, whoever amongst you we call to please come and join us to get us over certain situations,” he said.

(The Sun)

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