EXCLUSIVE: Nnamdi Kanu has no capacity to sack me, I willingly resigned from IPOB — Uche-Mefor (See Evidence)| NN NEWS


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By Kalu Nwokoro Idika

Former deputy leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) and Director of Information and Communication of Biafra Defacto Customary Government, Uche-Mefor, says the detained leader of the separatist movement, Nnamdi Kanu lacks the capacity to sack him from the group. Mefor disclosed this while speaking exclusively with NewsBand.

On November 26 2020, IPOB in a statement issued by its leadership said that the position of the deputy leader, which Uche-Mefor was formerly occupying had been abolished. The move however culminated to his purported sack.

Though, this was after Mefor openly condemned the group for deviating from peaceful agitation.

Meanwhile, Uche-Mefor during interaction with NewsBand said he was never sacked from IPOB as the leadership of the movement made the general public to believe through their official press release.

He pointed out that, the inability of Nnamdi Kanu to sack him from Radio Biafra London and as deputy leader of IPOB led to the secret establishment of another radio called IPOB Community Radio.

Mefor who further collaborated this claim also presented his resignation letter to NewsBand which he personally signed and transmitted to Companies House in United Kingdom.

See Uche-Mefor’s resignation letter he personally signed and transmitted to Companies House in United Kingdom

Analysis of the letter revealed that Uche-Mefor officially resigned on the 11 of January 2021 contrary to the statement issued by IPOB leadership on the 26 of November 2020.

Mefor speaking on the issue said, “I officially resigned from IPOB contrary to the lies they were spreading about. If I had wanted to stop Kanu legally, I would have and I knew what to do. But I cannot associate myself with criminality that Kanu officially embraced.

“He embarked on violent armed struggle and the harming of our people so I left them to their fate. If you look at the resignation document, I personally filled the form.

“This is the resignation form I filled and sent to company house. Kanu has no capacity to sack me. The same with Radio Biafra. He has no capacity to sack me. That was why he secretly set up another radio he called IPOB COMMUNITY RADIO

“This is the resignation form I filled and sent to companies House disengaging myself from Radio Biafra. Now, look at the date of my resignation which was in January 2021 and compare it with when they said that they sacked me in October/November 2020.

“Recall that I made a conference call and made my intention known that, the conference call maybe the last I will address Biafrans as the Deputy Leader of IPOB and Deputy Director of Radio Biafra.

“After I resigned legally and officially in January 2021 through the companies House, they were happy that I removed that legal burden from them.”

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