Jonathan: Ijaw first son accuses Yoruba of discrimination, hostility and causing ethnic tensions in Nigeria


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Recent allegations by a user known as Ijaw First Son@CogitoergosumCk have reignited historical and political tensions between Nigeria’s Yoruba and Ijaw ethnic groups.

The user accused Yorubas of celebrating the death of former President Goodluck Jonathan, who hails from the Ijaw ethnicity, and claimed ongoing animosity towards Ijaws within Yoruba communities.

The accusations, posted online, described a contentious period during Jonathan’s presidency (2010-2015), alleging that Yorubas openly expressed disdain for him due to his ethnic background.

The user further claimed that during the APC campaign, it was unsafe for Ijaws to identify themselves in Yoruba land, as they risked being lynched. The user described the Yorubas as “so entitled, so aggressive” in their treatment of Ijaws.

The user’s comments highlight the perceived tensions and divisions between the Ijaw and Yoruba ethnic groups in Nigeria, with the Ijaw user alleging a long-standing history of discrimination and hostility from the Yoruba tribe.


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