Okutepa expresses sympathy for political opportunists relying on misinformation, propaganda to make a living


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Jibrin Samuel Okutepa SAN, a distinguished legal professional, shares his thoughts and experiences through his social media handle.

He expresses his sympathy for political opportunists who rely on spreading misinformation and propaganda to make a living. He has been the subject of numerous misguided portrayals on social media, including those by ride-share drivers.

These misrepresentations have led to him being assigned names that bear no resemblance to his identity or the values he upholds. Some of these individuals are unfamiliar with him and his principles, while others deliberately tarnish his reputation to sustain themselves. He takes solace in the fact that his existence provides them sustenance. His pursuit of electoral justice in Kogi State is misconstrued as an ethnic agenda by these opportunists.

However, these political miscreants fail to recall the history of his legal battles for electoral and democratic justice in Kogi State. Following the death of political luminary, Prince Abubakar Audu, in 2015, Hon James Abiodun Faleke was unjustly denied the governorship of Kogi State due to political machinations. His party chose to install Yahaya Bello, who inherited the votes that Prince Abubakar Audu and Hon James Abiodun Faleke had worked tirelessly to secure. Okutepa was among the leading lawyers who fought for electoral justice for Hon James Abiodun Faleke, a battle that nearly cost him his life.

When Yahaya Bello sought to oust Hon Justice Nasir Ajanah, then CJ of Kogi State, from office, Okutepa was among the lawyers who defended his Lordship. Hon Justice Ajanah was an Ebira man from Okene, not an Igala man. Okutepa defended him because he was being oppressed for performing his judicial duties. He was not a tribal bigot then, and those who now seek to tarnish his name were unaware that he is of royal Igala descent.

Okutepa also represented Senator Ohaire and Rt. Hon Abdullahi Bello when they were denied political justice. He stood for these distinguished sons of Ebira land because they needed justice. He has consistently fought for justice, as evidenced by his involvement in several notable cases.

Okutepa’s fight for justice in Kogi State and Nigeria is not influenced by tribal or political biases. He is not affiliated with any political party; his allegiance is to justice. He has consistently defended those who have been politically oppressed.

As a lawyer, Okutepa is committed to justice and will continue to fight for it throughout his life. He is undeterred by intimidation and remains committed to fighting for a just and egalitarian society. He warns those who profit from the oppression of others and engage in sycophantic praise to make a living. He serves a God of vengeance and is more committed than ever to justice in our electoral jurisprudence. He has consistently defended those who have been denied electoral victories by those stifling democracy in Nigeria.


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