QatarEnergy rejects investment in Nigeria despite Tinubu’s visit


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Despite the concerted efforts of Nigeria, including a visit by influential politician Bola Tinubu, QatarEnergy remains reluctant to invest in the country’s oil and gas sector.

The Qatari energy giant, under the leadership of CEO Saad Sherida al-Kaabi and the energy minister of Qatar, has been put off by the challenging business environment in the Niger Delta, a region where Western majors have been reducing their presence for the past decade.

QatarEnergy has been actively exploring investment opportunities in Africa as part of its strategy to expand its global reach. However, Nigeria, despite boasting one of Africa’s largest oil reserves, has failed to pique the interest of the Qatari firm.

The reluctance is largely due to concerns about the business climate in the Niger Delta region, which has been plagued by security issues, community unrest, and regulatory uncertainties for years. Western oil companies have been downsizing their operations in the region for more than a decade, citing security threats and a difficult operating environment.

Nigeria’s attempts to attract foreign investment and enhance its regulatory framework have been hampered by ongoing problems such as corruption, bureaucratic inefficiencies, and inconsistent policy enforcement. Despite the recent visit by Bola Tinubu, a key figure in Nigeria’s political and business landscape, QatarEnergy remains skeptical, opting to wait for more conducive conditions before investing in Nigeria.

As Nigeria strives to attract foreign investment to rejuvenate its oil and gas sector and stimulate economic growth, securing the commitment of major players like QatarEnergy continues to be a significant hurdle.


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