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Anambra State governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, yesterday issued a red card to criminals, illegal revenue collectors, motor park touts and their like operating in various parts of the state. Soludo made it clear that it was not going to be business as usual as his administration has already begun taking steps to sanitise the state. He said that gone were the days when thugs harassed Ndi Anambra and visitors alike for no justifiable reasons.

The new helmsman of the state spoke when he visited Okpoko community to inspect the current state of the area and inform its inhabitants of his plan to start rebuilding that area in the coming days.

“Motor Park touts and illegal revenue collectors must go. We said yesterday that from today henceforth, anybody that presents himself to you as a revenue collector for the government is a thief. Agbero (thuggery) is not a work or a profession. We will train them on different skill areas. They need to learn some craft. They must leave our parks, markets and streets. They need to embrace decent means of livelihood.

“We may empower them to start doing other meaningful jobs. But if it is to stop people on the road and start harassing them to give you money in the name of collecting revenue, it has ended in Anambra. Such will no longer be tolerated. The solution is here. We will sanitise this place. And we will repair this market. We will also make arrangements to provide spaces for the roadside traders inside the market,” Soludo promised.

(The Sun)

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