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The Kaduna State Government on Tuesday released a security report, saying 1,192 lost their lives to banditry and other forms of violence in 2021. 

Samuel Aruwan, the State Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, presented the report to Governor Nasir El-Rufai at the Government House Executive Council Chamber. 

According to the report, 3,348 people were equally kidnapped during the period under review in different parts of the state. 

Receiving the report, Governor El-Rufai said the summary showed that an average of 9 people were kidnapped in Kaduna State on daily basis, a situation which he notes is worrisome. 

He, however, appealed to the federal government to establish a military theatre command in the north west to deal with banditry and other emerging security challenges in the North-West as was done in the north east region against the Boko Haram terrorists. 

“The tragic events of 2021 reported today to reinforce the importance of collaboration as a security tool. Governors of five frontline states in the North-west zone and Niger State continue to share information and press for the security agencies for a sustained campaign of continuous, simultaneous operations against the terrorists across our vast region,” El-Rufai said. 

“The states implemented several measures including the telecoms shutdown as recommended by the security agencies to enable kinetic operations. 

“We commend our people for the sacrifices they made during the shutdown. I want to reiterate that some of the measures like the prohibition of (a) the sale of petroleum products, (b) operation of weekly markets in selected areas, and (c)  use of motorcycles remain in place until we see clear progress in the fight against the terrorists. 

“We are in no doubt that there must be an urgent national effort to strengthen our security forces. The military and police need modern technology, advanced armaments, equipment and more boots on the ground. 

“The security of our communities depends on the robust projection of state power, and that can only be done with sufficient security personnel to overawe and deter criminals. The prerogatives of the state need to be asserted, not merely proclaimed. The people we put in uniform must never be placed in avoidable danger, outgunned or outnumbered by non-state actors.” 

El-Rufai believes that the creation of such a theatre command will enable a holistic approach to counter Insurgency operations across the affected states as well as enhance coordination of the resources of the armed forces. 

While reiterating the stance of the Kaduna State Government not to negotiate or grant amnesty to bandits, the governor insists that those who kill their fellow beings do not deserve to live, but should be sent to their creators by security forces. (Channels TV) 

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