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By Emeka Ugwuonye

I have studied the new Federal High Court Practice Directory. It is very clear that it is a special weapon designed against Nnamdi Kanu. If nothing else convinces you of this, the timing of the release of the Practice Directory should be enough to convince you.

Indeed, it is now reasonable to conclude that Justice Nyako knew this Directory was on the way. When she adjourned the ruling on defense application for as long as two months, she must have done that on purpose to ensure the new practice directory would be out before yesterday’s hearing. The practice directory solved for Justice Nyako a number of problems she had been dealing with all along. For instance, it solved issues such as whether a foreign legal adviser like Mr. Bruce Fein and Ohaneze court observers could come into her court to observe the trial or not. Nyako didn’t want to be blamed for not letting them in. She cried to her boss, Chief Judge Tsoho, who just gave her the directory to absorb the blame. The directory is now her boffer.

Also, you can now understand what a stupid move it was for Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor to walk out on the court so dramatically because Bruce Fein was not allowed into the court. That move was an unnecessary slight to Justice Nyako and an unacceptable provocation to the Court. A smart person should know that every action will attract some reaction. Ejiofor is not smart enough to ask himself what might be the consequences of such reckless move. Now, it is clear to Umuchineke how the court could react to Ejiofor’s brazen provocative behavior. Now, he won’t be able to complain that Bruce Fein was not allowed into the court again.

And this takes me to the recent moves made by Bruce Fein. He just made a case against the judge and the Attorney General in international Court. That was because Bruce Fein understood that the Judges were cooking up something to fundamentally undermine Nnamdi Kanu, as punishment for the stupidity of Ejiofor. Now, Bruce Fein can point to this practice directory as evidence of judicial complicity in the persecution of Nnamdi. So, you can see how a well trained American lawyer thinks. Compare that to the blunders by Ejiofor.

The worst thing to happen to you is when your own lawyer puts you in worse trouble than you were when you hired him. Any sensible person can see that Nnamdi Kanu is in far greater legal mess today than he was six years ago when he hired Ejiofor. So, overall, Ejiofor has not improved the situation for his client. He worsened it by far. You don’t hire a land seller to defend you in a serious criminal trial. He will send you to prison faster.

When I recommended that Ifeanyi Ejiofor be fired from representing Nnandi Kanu, Umuchineke, in their characteristic arrogance and ignorance did not understand it would be in the interest of Nnamdi to do so. They allowed Ejiofor to sufficiently provoke the courts. The new practice directory was meant to curtail Ejiofor’s two favorite antics. First, no more working out on the court. Second, his media propaganda about the case can be checkmated by the court relying on the practice directory.

Even yesterday, Justice Nyako was armed and fortified by the new practice directory. She just didn’t want to use her new powers.

Always think before you speak or act because action and reaction are equal and opposites.

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