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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said he will be releasing prisoners who have “real combat experience” so they can assist with the war with Russia.

In an address on February 28, Zelensky told the people of Ukraine that everyone who can “join the struggle against the invaders must do so” and that the country is dedicating “every minute” to the conflict.

During the announcement, Zelensky confirmed that those with previous military experience would be released from custody to help within the “struggle for our state.”

“Ukrainians with real combat experience will be released from custody and will be able to compensate for their guilt in the hottest spots,” Zelensky said.

“All sanctions against some individuals who participated in the Anti-Terrorist Operation will be lifted. The key thing now is defense.”

Zelensky said the decision was difficult to make from a moral point of view but was vital “in terms of our protection.”

“When I went to the presidency, I said that each of us is the president. Because we are all responsible for our country. For our beautiful Ukraine. And now it has happened that each of us is a warrior,” he added.

“And I am sure that each of us will win.”


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