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Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, has alleged that the root cause of insecurity in the country can be traced to highly placed individuals in the society. 

He also blamed the federal government for the high rate of insecurity in the country. 

The governor made this statement last Wednesday when he received the team from the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) led by a representative of the Director-General, Mrs. Cecilia Gaya at the Government House in Makurdi. 

He said: “The problem of insecurity in Nigeria today is man-made. The present federal government is responsible because I took proactive steps right from 2016 when I came in because I saw this coming. And today, I am warning Nigerians-those who are sitting in their comfort zones-I want them to understand this situation. 

“Last week, one of my colleagues in the Northeast raised the alarm that ISWAP has taken over part of his state and they are gradually coming in. They are deadly and they can overrun this country based on what he saw. And I agree with him that if we don’t take time, it will happen. 

“Like I raised the alarm earlier about the challenges we have that if we don’t take time, one day, what happened in Afghanistan, God forbid, will happen in Nigeria. And it will appear to me that this leadership wants to surrender Nigeria to the insurgents. Their action and inaction have proven to me that they are working with the insurgents. That’s the truth!” 

Ortom stressed that the insecurity was man-made, and if necessary steps to curb further spread are not taken, the country might likely be headed for ‘an Afghan experience’. 

The governor, however, posited that the people of Benue State have resolved to trust in God and committed to ensuring that they do the right thing in line with the provisions of the Constitution of Nigeria as well as to fight for equity, fairness and justice. 

Similarly, the governor said he has already prepared his ‘Will’ due to the spate of insecurity in the country. 

Known to be outspoken about the insecurity in the country, the governor said he is confident that his family will not fight over his property if anything happens to him. 

Ortom said: “I have written my Will. I’m not afraid of anybody. If I die now, my family will not be fighting because of what I have. I have stated what I want. 

“And those people who are keeping quiet about what is happening in Nigeria, I want to tell them that they have children. Yes, because silence is consent. So, Nigerians must resist the evil that is happening. 

“I have played my part and I promised myself not to be intimidated by anyone. I’m over 60 years. God has given me enough. God has been so gracious to me and I appreciate Him. 

“So, nobody should think that he or she will cage Samuel Ortom in this life. But I believe that the God that I serve will surely protect me as He has been doing.”  (THISDAY) 

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