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Say that Obiano aware of ESN camp in Anambra, knows commander, stopped military onslaught

Residents of Anambra State have berated the Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Willie Obiano for playing the proverbial fiddle while the state burns as terrorists ravage the state.

A source revealed that the Governor Obiano is fully aware of the camp of the terrorists in the state but is wary of full military onslaught for fear of “collateral damages”.

The source, who pleaded anonymity, further disclosed that the Governor also knows the commander of the terrorists’ gang and once stopped a proposed military onslaught against them.

The source revealed: “From authoritative source, I was told the Obiano government is very aware where their camps are in that Lilu- Orsumoghu- Azia- Isekke- Ukpor axis; also know their commander.

“The Nigeria Army wanted to move in and clear those camps but Obiano refused fearing collateral damages.

“Stories coming out from that area is scary.

“A friend here in Germany showed me a list of names from his village somewhere in Orlu who have contributed money.

“The occupants of those camps demanded money before they can leave their village.

“Many towns and villages in that area has been overran by terrorist.”

Another Anambra resident lamented the recent developments in the state but regretted that the governor is doing little to save the situation.

He said: “This is what goes on in East Anambra State to be precise at the moment brought about by Abakaliki boys.

“And Obiano is focused on his wife going to the Senate than caring about what happens in the State.”

Recall that News Band reported on February 21 how renowned billionaire businessman from Nnewi, Chief Gab Ofoma (Ojemba Enwe Ilo Nnewi), Chairman/ CEO of Ofoma Associates Ltd., was gunned down in cold blood on Sunday by gunmen.

According to our correspondent, Chief Ofoma was killed after visiting his country home in Nnewi and was on his way back to his base in Port Harcourt.

Reporting on the incident to News Band, he said that the businessman was killed for no reason.

He said: “He was murdered on the Ukpor- Lilu- Orsumoghu- Azia- Mbosi Road in Anambra State, as his driver made a detour from the Onitsha-Owerri Highway en route to Port Harcourt, due to the traffic jam on the highway.”

Presently, residents of the environ are beckoning on the Federal and State Governments to take some drastic measures to save the area but things degenerate even further.

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